Happy Women


Do you want to be part of a community of women who practice Spanish?

My students want and need to improve their Spanish but they also all always tell me about their interest in two things:

  1. to know Spanish culture: literature, cinema, history, etc.

  2. to get to know Spanish people and others with similar interests as them

All this is possible with the events of our community: we speak Spanish sharing experiences about films, series, books, feminism and more.


 the feminist way  

Book Club

"The women's writing had been erased and silenced."


Adrienne Rich 

In 2018, the Spanish Reading Club with Violet Glasses was born. For 6 weeks we read a book written by women about a topic relevant to us. Then we meet up for a coffee and to share the reading and talk about our lives. 


Monthly Zoom Meeting 

Lectures + Discussions
Supportive Resources

10 €/month

 reflect and talk 

Online course
"It's Our Time"

¿Qué puedes encontrar en este curso?​

  • Individual work: A library of 8 modules. To practice Spanish in your little free moments with audio, video and text lessons.

  • Topics: Ecology, art, cinema, the media and the place of women in society today.

  • Community work: We are going to analyze, reflect and share our opinion in Zoom meetings.

  • Linguistic objectives: vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, comprehension and expression in Spanish.


8 modules

Community Zoom Meetings

Vocabulary Files + Resources

Archivos vocabulario

49 €

FEMINISMO (2)_edited.jpg


Another look at the Spanish 20th century

Without these women, history cannot be complete.

Have you always wanted to know more about Spanish history? The civil war, Franco and more? 

With this course you will have a global vision of Spain in the 20th century but with a gender perspective. We will explain the different stages of history through biographies of women.



Library of Exclusive Content with a variety of audios, videos and texts

99 €