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custom classes designed for your goals

Do you like art?

Tell me five well-known female painters in your country and when they lived.

Do you like to travel?

What's your opinion about the plastic islands in the ocean? How does that impact travel?

In class, we improve your Spanish with:


 listening  comprehension 


watch or listen to videos and/or podcasts about specific themes

 reading   comprehension 


delve into themes through newspaper, magazine and online article or texts




the class is speaking -focused since oral practice is incredibly important

 written   expression 


write a variety of texts and we correct them together and review areas to improve

 focus on 

general spanish

Do you want to feel safe with your Spanish, end your grammar doubts and be a confident speaker in any situation?


Everything is possible and it is also stimulating when we can do it talking about our lives, about the things that interest and excite us.


After some classes you will notice that you are safer when you speak Spanish and that the subjunctive is not the devil!

 focus on 

coaching exam


Do you want to take the DELE exam and need to improve your oral and written Spanish?


We will practice the oral test and your written exam so that you feel much safer. This preparation course includes:


  • exam models

  • oral exam simulation

  • written fixes

  • exam techniques

  • oral test scheme

 focus on 

engaging in spanish culture

Online Spanish classes, yes, but you will also be part of a community of women to share:


  • debates

  • conversations

  • series club

  • cinema

  • reading club

  • arts + forums

  • documentaries

class prices

 private one-to-one teaching 

All classes include:

  • homework + activities

  • private classes of 55 minutes

  • commentaries + activities through email

  • personalized resources + activities for your lesson

  • evaluation + suggestions for improving your studies

1 class


5 classes


save €25

10 classes


save €150

Are you ready to improve your Spanish?