I'm Ana. 

I am from Barbate, a hidden paradise in the province of Cádiz, in the south of Spain. When I finished my university studies in Hispanic Philology in Seville and my specialization in teaching in Granada, I went to live in Paris for a year to work and take my doctoral courses. My level of French was A2 and I thought it would be enough to start. How difficult it was to get around the city, rent an apartment, find a job, and almost everything! I lacked confidence and was often too embarrassed to speak in public.

With time and some classes, I improved my French enough to comfortably live my day to day in Paris. So I know very well what my students feel when they want to speak Spanish!


After my return to Seville, I started teaching Spanish while also doing other work and studying a postgraduate degree in Gender Studies, a subject that I love and that I was hopeful I could eventually incorporate into all aspects of my life.

It was a confusing time, doing jobs that didn't interest me and teaching Spanish that sometimes seemed like a boring job. I had little experience and felt that I had become too obsessed in teaching grammar, pronunciation, and more. I was teaching the language in a very academic way.

Until one day, in a class with my student Lisa, we started talking about feminism and we both enjoyed it so much that the class lasted more than two hours. She told me that it had been our best classes and that she wanted to do all our classes like that. I knew immediately that that was what I wanted to do, not only with Lisa, but with all my classes!

Why not focus classes on what really interests or excites us in life?

I had to ask myself, "where did I find my motivation to study French?"

When I was reading about French literature, doing French-Spanish exchanges with people who had common interests with me, such as cinema, history, that's when my motivation grew.

So now, after many years of teaching, I am sure that my classes should move me and interest my students.

I love what I do and my goal is to help my students improve their Spanish and at the same time have them enjoy as much as I do and feel happy speaking Spanish.

 my focus 


the advocacy of women's rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes.

My teaching style uses culturally relevant topics for a changing world.


We learn languages so that we can participate in the real world where we communicate with real people about real topics. Yet so many Spanish classes are disconnected from real life and are taught with boring books, irrelevant examples and outdated cultural references.

In class, we will explore feminist issues like political representation, arts & culture, sexism and empowerment. Each class is designed around each student's unique interests and goals and can be done in-person, or online.